Friday, November 1, 2013

A soon to be gifted hornbook

I bought this hornbook in a kit ages ago, but I didn't really like the pattern with the kit so I've used the rose bouquet instead from the design Duo Roses et Oeillets (Tralala). I've emerized the wooden piece a bit, to reach a rather shabby look.
I've worked on 32 ct Creme Zweigart Belfast linen with the threads I've dyed myself. 
I'd like to present it for one of my dear colleagues, hope she'll like it. 


  1. That is truly beautiful. If she doesn't like it, I'll cherish it! Would you mind sharing how you "emerized" it?

  2. Thank you Zeb, we'll see how she's gonna like it :) Well I've bought the hornbook with wood-dyed with dark brown color on it and I've used coarse emery-paper mostly for the edges, and a lighter one for the surface. Nothing special :)

  3. Very sweet! Just found your blog ~ look forward to getting to know you!