Sunday, November 17, 2013

Unusual Shaped Hanging Ornament Tutorial

I'd like to show you my method of making this rather unorthodox shaped hanging ornament.

1. As it is not easy to draw perfect half circles or an ellipse by hand, I use LibreOffice (MS Word or Publisher will do too) to make the scheme of the ornament. It will be very necessary to form the final shape of it.

2. Than I draw over the cutted form into a light cardboard (this case I used diet cookie package) and cut 2 over.

3. I use polyester bating to reach a quite cleared and even look for the finished ornie.

4. Now I'm positioning the stitched piece onto the bating covered cardboard. I cut off the edges and I put on two sided adhesieve for safety's sake :) (Safety first)

5. For some time past I'm using the original Aleene's Tacky Glue. It is great for projects like these, it won't get hard at once, but once it does, it won't come off and let go. I use it to fix the stitched piece onto the cardboard.

6. Next I'm glueing the backing and the stitched piece together and press it with some weight for about a half an hour.

7. Once it's ready I'm doing the cording (you can find a great twisted cording tuto here) and glue the cording around the ornie.

8. Taddaammm.

Pattern is a freebie from Marika Belfiori, you can find it here:
Thank you Marika!
I've worked on 32 ct Zweigart linen hand dyed by Barbaral in colour Vintage Caramel
I used my own dyed flosses except the orange which is Barbaral's Citrouille,
the white and the black of course. The golden thread is from Rainbow Gallery.


  1. Nagyon termékeny vagy mostanában, jó látni. :-) Cuki minta, ötletes a befejezés. Köszi a tuto-t. :-)

  2. Nagyon szép lett a díszed, szupi a leírás is! Örülök, hogy nem sültkrumplis dobozt használtál:D

  3. Köszi a leírást! :) Szuper lett a végeredmény! :)

  4. :) tetszik a minta és a megvalósítás is :) Ügyi vagy:)))

  5. Nagyon jó ez a tuto!!!! Köszönöm szépen :-) Én a Jó Reggelt dobozokra szoktam feldolgozni a mintát :-)

  6. Great tute! And you did a beautiful job on the stitching and finishing!

  7. Ciaoooo!!! Ma è bellissimo, grazie per aver utilizzato uno dei miei schemi. Pubblicherò a breve sul mio blog il tuo lavoro.

    A presto, Marika